The IPL match yesterday, April 16th, 2024, was a nail-biting encounter between the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Rajasthan Royals (RR) played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Match Format: T20 (Twenty20)

Result: Rajasthan Royals won by a narrow margin of 2 wickets.

KKR Innings:

  • Score: 223/6 (20 overs) – This was the highest total ever set against RR in an IPL match.
  • Top Performer: Sunil Narine played a phenomenal innings, scoring a brilliant century (109 runs) with 14 fours and 6 sixes, but unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

RR Innings:

  • Score: 224/8 (20 overs) – This was a record chase for RR, surpassing the highest target they’ve ever chased down in IPL history.
  • Top Performer: Jos Buttler was the hero for RR, scoring a match-winning century (107 runs not out) and guiding his team to victory on the last ball.
  • Player of the Match: Jos Buttler (RR) for his incredible batting performance.


  • This match witnessed a record-breaking chase by RR. They chased down the mammoth target set by KKR in a dramatic last-ball finish.
  • Both Sunil Narine (KKR) and Jos Buttler (RR) played exceptional innings with their respective centuries, making it a memorable match for the fans.
  • It was a display of powerful batting from both sides, with a significant number of sixes and boundaries.

Additional Resources:

  • You can find more detailed information about the match, including ball-by-ball commentary, a breakdown of bowling figures and fall of wickets, on websites like ESPNcricinfo ([URLespn cricinfo com]) or Cricbuzz (
  • The official IPL website ( might also have video highlights available after the match.
  • YouTube channels like the IPL’s official channel or other cricket channels might have highlights uploaded, but be cautious of unofficial sources that might not offer complete highlights or the best quality.

Yesterday IPL score board

  • KKR         223/6
  • RR.          224/8

Match Details:

  • Teams: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  • Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
  • Date: April 16, 2024
  • Tournament: Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024
  • Match Type: T20


  • Winner: Rajasthan Royals (RR) by 2 wickets


  • KKR: 223/6 (20 overs)
    • Top Scorer: Sunil Narine (109 runs)
    • Most Wickets: (tie) Harshit Rina, Sunil Narine, Varun Chakravarthy (2 wickets each)
  • RR: 224/8 (20 overs)
    • Top Scorer: Jos Buttler (107* runs) – Won Player of the Match award
    • Most Wickets: Avesh Khan, Kuldeep Sen (2 wickets each)

Additional Details:

  • This was a high-scoring match with both teams putting up impressive totals.
  • Sunil Narine had a phenomenal performance for KKR with a century (109 runs) and 2 wickets.
  • Jos Buttler’s unbeaten century (107 runs) for RR was crucial in their victory.
  • The match went down to the wire with RR winning by just 2 wickets on the last ball.

For more details on individual player performances or other stats, you can check out websites like Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, or ESPNcricinfo.

Here are some of the standout players from yesterday’s IPL match (KKR vs RR) based on the information I retrieved:

  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR):
  • Sunil Narine: Scored a brilliant century (109 runs) and also took 2 wickets with his bowling.
  • Other possible highlights: You can check for details on other batsmen who played well or bowlers who took crucial wickets during the KKR innings.
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR):
  • Jos Buttler: Won the Player of the Match award for his unbeaten century (107 runs).
  • Avesh Khan & Kuldeep Sen: Both bowlers picked up 2 wickets each for RR.

To get a more comprehensive picture of the match highlights, here are some resources you can explore:

  • Look for video highlights on the official IPL website ( or on YouTube channels like IPL or official broadcasters.
  • Check cricket news websites like Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, or ESPNcricinfo for detailed match reports and player analyses. These websites often mention players with outstanding performances or those who made significant contributions to the match.

Here are some interesting facts from yesterday’s IPL match (KKR vs RR):

  • High-Scoring Thriller: Both teams, KKR and RR, scored over 220 runs, making it a high-scoring and exciting match. This doesn’t happen very often in IPL matches.
  • Narine’s All-Round Domination: Sunil Narine’s performance was exceptional. He not only scored a brilliant century (109 runs) for KKR but also chipped in with 2 wickets, showcasing his all-around talent.
  • Last Ball Finish: The match went down to the wire, with RR winning by a narrow margin of just 2 wickets on the very last ball. This kind of close finish adds to the drama and excitement of the IPL.
  • Impact of the New Rule (Unverified): It’s not confirmed yet, but it would be interesting to see if the new “Impact Player” rule played any role in the match strategy of either team. This is the first season with this rule, and it could potentially change how teams approach matches.

For additional interesting facts, you can explore post-match reports and analysis from cricket news websites like Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, or ESPNcricinfo. They might mention:

  • Unique bowling or fielding strategies used by the teams.
  • Records broken during the match (individual or team).
  • Controversial moments or umpiring decisions (if any).

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