Exploring Ishan Kishan’s Commitment and Training Regimen with Pandya Brothers

As questions surrounding Ishan Kishan’s dedication to competitive cricket surface, a recent sighting at the Reliance Stadium in Baroda has provided a glimpse into his rigorous training routine. The wicketkeeper-batsman, aged 25, has been stationed in Baroda for weeks, dedicating his time to honing his skills with a focus on a potential return to the cricketing arena.

Training Ground: Kiran More Academy in Baroda

Ishan Kishan has chosen the renowned Kiran More Academy in Baroda as his training hub. This academy, widely popular among cricketers in Gujarat, serves as a hub for skill enhancement and strategic workouts. During his training sessions, Kishan has found camaraderie with none other than the Pandya brothers – Hardik and Krunal.

Association with Mumbai Indians

Interestingly, Hardik Pandya, one of the Pandya brothers, also holds the position of captaincy for the Mumbai Indians, an IPL franchise in which Ishan Kishan is a prominent player. This shared association adds an extra layer of synergy to their training routines at the Kiran More Academy.

Insights from Kiran More

Kiran More, confirming Kishan’s active training participation, shared insights with Cricbuzz. However, due to his current engagement with the Mumbai Indians’ Women’s Premier League (WPL) side in Mumbai, More couldn’t provide extensive details regarding Kishan’s training progress.

Prolonged Absence and National Selection Considerations

Despite not playing a game since November of the previous year, Kishan’s commitment to competitive cricket has been under scrutiny. National coach Rahul Dravid’s suggestion for him to participate in games as a prerequisite for national selection has not yet materialized.

Impact on BCCI’s Central Contracts and Missed Opportunities

The confirmation of Kishan’s absence from Jharkhand’s Ranji game against Haryana in Jamshedpur on February 9 has sparked discussions regarding the potential impact on BCCI’s central contracts. Currently holding a Grade C contract with an annual retainership of Rs 1 crore, Kishan’s prolonged absence raises questions about his future role in the national team.

Coach Dravid’s Perspective

Coach Rahul Dravid, when questioned about Kishan’s chances and readiness, emphasized a non-coercive approach. Dravid stated, “Whenever he is ready… he needs to play some cricket and come back. The choice is his. We are not forcing him to do anything. He decides when he wants to be ready.”

Future Prospects and IPL Return

With Kishan’s return speculated to be as late as the IPL in March-May, the anticipation for his reappearance on the cricket field remains high. The upcoming Indian team selection for the last three Tests indicates Virat Kohli’s unavailability due to a family emergency overseas, shaping the dynamics of the squad.

As the cricketing narrative unfolds, Ishan Kishan’s journey from the Kiran More Academy to competitive cricket remains a focal point, adding layers of anticipation and intrigue.

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