Highest Team Totals in ODI World Cup

In the history of the ICC Cricket World Cup, several teams have achieved remarkable high scores. Below is a table showcasing the highest team totals in the ODI World Cup, illustrating the batting prowess of various cricketing giants:

1South Africa (SA)428/5*Sri Lanka (SL)Delhi2023
2Australia (AUS)417/6Afghanistan (AFG)Perth2015
3India (IND)413/5Bermuda (BER)Port of Spain2007
4South Africa (SA)411/4Ireland (IRE)Canberra2015
5South Africa (SA)408/5West Indies (WI)Sydney2015

Most 400+ Team Totals in ODI World Cup

In the ODI World Cup, scoring 400 or more runs in a single match is a remarkable feat. Below is a table depicting the teams with the most 400+ team totals in the ODI World Cup:

1South Africa (SA)3
2India (IND)1
3Australia (AUS)1

Most 400+ Team Totals in ODIs

Expanding beyond the World Cup, teams have achieved 400+ team totals in ODIs. Here’s a table showcasing the top teams in this regard:

1South Africa (SA)8
2India (IND)6
3England (ENG)5
4Australia (AUS)2
5Sri Lanka (SL)2

Highest Team Totals for South Africa in ODIs

South Africa has displayed some remarkable batting performances in ODIs. Here are their highest team totals:

1439/2West Indies (WI)2015
2438/9Australia (AUS)2006
3438/4India (IND)2015

Notably, the 428/5* score against Sri Lanka in 2023* is South Africa’s highest team total and also the highest against Sri Lanka in ODIs, surpassing India’s 414/7 at Rajkot in 2009. It also ranks as the second-highest team total in India in ODIs.

Most Runs Conceded by a Sri Lankan Bowler in ODI WC

Bowlers often bear the brunt of aggressive batting displays. In the ODI World Cup, Sri Lankan bowlers have faced formidable challenges. Here’s a table listing the instances of Sri Lankan bowlers conceding the most runs in ODI World Cup matches:

RankBowlerRuns ConcededOpponentVenueYear
1Ashantha de Mel (SL)91West Indies (WI)Karachi1987
2Matheesha Pathirana (SL)95South Africa (SA)Delhi2023*
3Nuwan Pradeep (SL)88Australia (AUS)The Oval2019
4Thisara Perera (SL)87Australia (AUS)Sydney2015

These remarkable statistics showcase the dynamic nature of ODI cricket, where teams aim to achieve high scores and bowlers face the challenge of containing aggressive batting lineups.

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